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Being Black at Burning Man

Wed Jun 29th, 7:00 pm PDT - 8:00 pm PDT



Learn what it's like to be part of the 1%

80k people attend Burning Man each year and only 1% of them are Black. Yet, almost every one of us will tell you that it's an experience like no other. Interested to learn more?

Join us in conversation with experienced Black Burners to hear about their time before, during and after the playa. They'll share stories unique to being Black at Burning Man, tips on how to prepare, and we'll hear from a 4x Black Burner who has transitioned from Burning Man attendee to honorarium artist.

This event is for anyone interested in going to Burning Man in the future, or those wondering how they can help diversify Burning Man as a welcoming place for all.

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Los Angeles, CA

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