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Freedomful Virtual | A Joyful Juneteenth Commemoration ft. Eventbrite

Wed Jun 14th, 2:00 pm PDT - 3:30 pm PDT


Top Rated 🥇Good Vibes 🌼


A Virtual Safe Space for Joy, Healing & Celebration of Juneteenth


Toasted Life and Eventbrite is proud to bring you FREEDOMFUL –  a bespoke educational, cultural, and community-driven virtual experience powered by Toasted Life designed to commemorate Juneteenth, our collective celebration of freedom and its many forms within the Black Experience.

From art to music to cultural conversation, we navigate the state of the Black Experience and the pursuit of Liberation––mentally, economically, spiritually and beyond.


This experience is built upon four pillars, crafted and designed with intention for growth and empowerment.

  • Black Business: Economic Empowerment
  • Black Arts: Multimedia Expression
  • Black Healing: Wellness Education


Artist Showcase - A segment focused on mental health – with a focus on priorities, giving attention to things that matter most and that give you life.

Panel Topic - CULTURAL EQUITY: A Discussion on Race & Allyship

What happens when a company stirs the racial consciousness of its workforce? It creates space for bold conversations to take place and for diverse perspectives to be heard, seen and felt––which leads to understanding, actionable change, and ultimately a richer culture for collaboration and innovation.

HOSTED BY: Gregory Hammons

DJ: Plural Music, Selecta MC


Our musical selections are brought to you by GOLD BEAMS.

Jada Imani

Michael Wayne Turner III


Black & Brite is an Eventbrite ‘Brite Belonging Group’ (BBG), focused on overcoming isolation through culture and belonging. Through events and discourse, we act as a collective to advocate for a culture where black professionals are heard, celebrated and elevated.


Toasted Life is a community-based experience platform empowering connections for ambitious dreamers of color. We specialize in designing 360 lifestyle experiences and engagements that center the needs of multicultural audiences through events, activations and cultural programming.



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