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TIA Ghana Fest - Ghana Culture Parade, Travel & Tourism Festival

Sat Jul 23rd, 3:00 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT


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Ghana Culture, Travel & Tourism Festival

Experience the rich and diverse cultures of one of Africa's greatest nations - Ghana - on the largest global stage while learning about various Ghana travel and tourism opportunities .

TIA Ghana Fest is celebration of the convergence of Ghana travel and tourism and Ghana music, food, fashion, art, dance and Ghanaian groups and traditions.

The event will be a full day immersive experience and excursion of the cultures and traditions of the various ethnic groups in Ghana through a Ghana culture parade, onstage live Ghanaian artists and dance performances, fashion shows , cultural boot camp zones, arts and craft live demos, art exhibition and Makola market (arts & crafts market place), Ghana food market & chop bars and highlife party music zones

One of the unique experiences the festival will offer through our travel and tourism market place, is the opportunity for guests to engage directly with several travel curators and tour operators onsite to learn about amazing Ghana travel destinations, travel services and upcoming travel opportunities for groups, individuals and organizations.

What will be at the festival? 

The the program will feature various off-stage and on-stage elements that will provide an authentic and immersive cultural experience and insight into Ghana travel and tourism: 

Ghana Culture Parade - Showcasing the diversity and traditions of the various ethnic groups and regions and Ghana the cultural parade. Some of the groups will include the Ashanti's, Ga's, Ewe's, Dagomba's, Fante's, etc

Ghana Culture & Entertainment Stage - Live performances by Ghanaian artist, dance groups, Live band. Fashion shows, dj competition, etc, hosted by top Ghanaian comedian/MC 

Highlife & Hiplife Party Zones -

Markola Market & Popup Shop - Retails vendors showcasing Ghanaian fashion, art, accessories, hair & beauty products, arts and crafts, etc

Art Exhibition -

Ghana Food Market - Providing you the authentic Ghanaian cuisine experience through various Ghanaian food vendors and restaurants 

Dance Party - Bringing the top Ghanaian DJs to bring the party experience to the festival 

Ghana Travel & Tourism Market Place 

Cultural Boot Camps & Live Demos

Ghana Diaspora Organizations - There will also be a section for Ghanaian organizations, interest and alumni groups where guests will be able to connect with Ghanaians in the Diaspora and learn about various initiatives in the Ghanaian Diaspora and get involved with various organization and interest groups while allowing opportunities for Ghanaian alumini reunions etc.

21+ | Dress Code: Casual


Ghana Highlife | HipLife | AfroBeats | Ghana Hits | Dancehall | Hiphop | Soca


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