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The Outlet LA acquires ETA to further innovate and disrupt the events and experiences culture of Los Angeles and beyond


LOS ANGELES, September. 13, 2023 — ETA, the event discovery platform for the culture has announced that it has been acquired by The Outlet LA. The brand was founded back in 2018 and started off in Los Angeles, but has since expanded nationally to the 8 largest U.S. cities. The acquisition creates a new brand OutletTech that has plans to combine the beloved event curation of The Outlet LA with the highly regarded ETA product to build a defining experience for millennials in the city of Los Angeles and beyond.


“When ETA (formerly Movement) was first created, I had a vision to create a place where people could find spaces where blackness was celebrated. I can confidently say that we’ve reached that goal, and today I’m looking forward to the new heights the team at The Outlet LA will lead the brand. I couldn’t be happier that another black-owned company that understands and loves the community will be taking over the reins”, Victor Anyirah, the creator of the ETA app, said in a statement.


ETA is the top-ranking app of its kind among a sea of competition on the iOS app store, and it is known for its ability to keep the community up to date on many of the best events happening in Los Angeles. The Outlet LA has grown to be one of the most popular events curation companies in the city for millennials with its mature upscale vibes and unique musical performances as noted by a recent LA Times spotlight.

The Outlet LA sold out jazz eventThe Outlet LA sold out jazz event


Eric Jones, The Outlet LA Founder and CEO said the following in a statement,

“When I met Victor back in 2019, I really admired the platform he had developed and I knew that there was a huge need for something of its kind in the Los Angeles market. Back then, I hadn’t even hosted my first Outlet event, so the possibility of an acquisition of this caliber wasn’t even a thought for me. My love for curating and providing quality spaces for our community in Los Angeles has organically brought things full circle for Victor and I. I’m beyond grateful to be in a position to pick up where Victor has left off and continue scaling ETA into the global brand it was destined to be from inception. My team and I over at The Outlet LA are extremely excited to take on this project and we can’t wait for you all to experience what we have coming in the near future for ETA!”

Los Angeles, CA

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